Amy Winehouse

As no doubt everyone has heard by now, Amy Winehouse has passed away.  She was found dead in her home at the age of 27.  You can read the story here if you wish.  It’s always sad to see talent like hers get snuffed out so soon in life.  Even sadder is that she will be remembered more for her troubled life then she will be for the great music she gave us.  It’s unfortunate, but we all saw it coming.

I felt it would be fitting to touch on her today.  As per usual it is her music that I will be focusing on here.  I was first introduced to Amy’s music by my auntie in 2006.  Her ‘Back to Black’ album had just come out and auntie played it for me while we were driving to the mall.  I loved the song ‘Rehab’ even though I didn’t relate at all to what was being said.  I think everyone loved it was a huge hit.  It was also a prophetic sign of art imitating life.  What I liked about it was it’s obvious influence of jazz.  I could have the instrumental of this song and I’d be happy as a pig in slop.  My favorite song off the album was her other hit song ‘You Know I’m No Good’. I call that my song cause I believe this song totally describes me in my dealings with guys.  Another song which in hindsight now also seems pretty prophetic.

So of course she was someone who I had to keep on my musical radar.  She hadn’t produced anything new since I first heard her, so it was only natural to go back to her first album ‘Frank’.  And hearing that album now makes me sad cause this girl had soul.  She really could have been bigger than she was.  Again, the jazz  influence she has in her music is what makes me love her music.  The music for the song ‘In My Bed’ was fantastic.  I can listen to that song all day.  ‘Take the Box’ is a great song cause it reminded me of Diana Ross in the movie ‘Lady Sings the Blues‘. It’s such a beautiful soulful melody and her voice knocked me flat-out.

It’s a shame.  In this age of music she was a rarity.  She had a style that was old school, but she used it to her advantage and made it new and fresh.  She will be missed.  Her passing has left a whole in the music industry that hopefully won’t get filled in with more pop fluff that is so dominant now.  Rest in peace Ms. Winehouse.  May you have found the peace and serenity where you are that you weren’t able to find while you were here. Til Thursday, peoples.


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